Tips for Ordering

First, you may notice that we do not offer online purchasing. This is intentional. There are limitations to any display turntable and we want to be sure that you get the unit that will give you the best performance. Call us if you need help to size the proper unit.

Weight is only one consideration. We offer capacity limits, but these are guidelines only. If you are very close to the upper weight range, give consideration to using the next higher unit to give you a bit of cushion.

Size DOES matter. For best performance you want to have the weight centered as much as possible. Weight placed on the outer edge, or perimeter weighting, will add tension to the center shaft and bearings and require a larger motor to overcome those forces. Additionally, excessive height requires a stronger bearing and motor. We have limits on the overall diameter because we understand the design limits of our motors.

Speed is a matter of choice, but the larger the item, slower is a better choice. A simple way to envision speed is that 1 RPM is the same as the second hand on a clock. 2 RPM is one turn every 30 seconds, and 3 RPM is one turn every 20 seconds.

Rotation – Standard rotation is clockwise. If you have words on your item, they would rotate in from the left with the starting letter spinning in first. Alternatively, our ceiling units are just the opposite. If you are displaying an overhead banner with words, order counter-clockwise to have the words moving from left to right.

We want you to be delighted with your purchase. If there is any question about which motor is the best unit to use, call us or email us via the contact page. We are here to help make your display perform the best it can. Thanks!

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