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Motorized turntables spin up to 200 pounds. We offer units with a rotating outlet. Used in retail visual merch-andising, photography, trade shows, museums, manufacturing, wedding cakes, art and more.


Ceiling Units

Motorized ceiling turners move up to 200 pounds. We offer units with a rotating outlet. Typical usage includes spinning mirror balls, signage, chandeliers, and more.


Variable Speed

When what you are spinning requires different speeds. Units spin up to 200 pounds. Used often for photography/ videography, manufacturing, quality testing and more.


Wall Units

Motorized turntables used in vertical applications. Common applications include retail displays, window advertising, signage, art, and more.


Battery Units

When you need a motorized turntable but don’t have power. Highly efficient battery units can turn up to 200 pounds. We have units that use regular or rechargeable batteries. Used often for trade shows, offsite photography, weddings, and more.


High Capacity

Industrial strength floor and ceiling turntables that can turn up to 2,000 pounds. Three styles with tops up to 43”. Many options are available including variable speed, reverse direction, rotating outlets and alternate voltages. Used frequently for larger retail or trade show displays, manufacturing operations, hazardous waste assaying, turning people, and more.


Custom Designs/Colors

From unique designs to unusual functionality, we work with your requirements to design the right motor. Applications include custom timing, automatic reverse direction and more. We can also custom paint your motor to match your color scheme.

Vue-More has been the leader in motorized display turntables for over 47 years!

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